Facebook promotion

Facebook promotion

Facebook promotion is not a quick process. But if you choose the right strategy, and not do it for show, you can find your clients in almost any area — from clothing to leasing of cranes.

In this article, we’ve outlined ten actionable ways to promote with Facebook.

Promotion on Facebook: page, group or public
There are three ways to promote on Facebook: promote a personal page, a group, or a business page. The third option is most suitable for promoting a company.

There are several reasons for this:

1. In your personal profile, you will not be able to use the name of the company or store — only the first and last name. And even if they manage to “trick the system” by specifying a brand instead of a name, then Facebook can detect a violation at any time.

2. The functionality of the group is tailored for communication, and not for sales and branding. A logo in a group can only be placed on an avatar, geotags and contact information cannot be set, and a group cannot be targeted.

3. The promotion of a group on Facebook is difficult because there are no statistics and it is impossible to track its effectiveness.

4. Posts in the group have low coverage and are poorly displayed in the feed.

Benefits of Facebook Page Promotion
1. You can create branded cover and avatar on the page.

2. Pages are well indexed and displayed in search results.

3. Subscribers’ publications appear on the public page only after approval by the moderators — during your absence, your public will not be bombarded with spam and negativity.

4. On the page you can configure a block with contacts and reviews.
You can set up targeting and measure performance in the Statistics section.

5. The link to the page is shorter than to the group, easier to remember and looks more beautiful.

Now let’s talk about how to use Facebook to promote services and products. Our instructions are universal, suitable for both those and those.

Facebook business promotion: step by step guide
There are so many ways to promote on Facebook that no courses can describe them all. We have selected ten must-haves and placed them in order of priority. The result is an instruction in the “take and do” format.

Create an avatar and cover

The avatar and cover can contain not just the name of your company, but also notify subscribers about discounts and promotions, invite to events or provide other information.

The recommended minimum avatar size is 170X170 pixels. But it is better to make a picture of a higher resolution so that it will display well on large monitors.

The same rule applies to the cover — we recommend making it the size 1702X630. The small cover does not look good on a high-resolution monitor, there is a lot of black field around it. Be sure to respect the proportions — if they are not observed, Facebook will stretch or shrink the image.

Install the template

The business page is also suitable for promoting a company on Facebook because you can choose a display template. Enter the page settings, select the edit mode and you will see a list of available templates with a description.

Facebook offers custom templates for services, stores, nonprofits, political pages, and more. The selected template can be edited to fit your needs. For the store, you can add products, for the services page, set up a target action by the button.

Fill in the information on the page

A typical mistake in promoting groups and pages on Facebook is not to fill in all the information about the company. Someone does not have a list of services with prices, someone does not add reviews and photos, and someone even has a vague indication of the field of activity. The rule here is the same as with a website — from the first seconds the user should understand where he got to and what awaits him on the page.

You can specify company data in the Information section of the side menu.

Add some real photos: goods, employees, office. They are immediately striking and “catchy” better than stock photos.

We are done with creating a Facebook page and styling it. Now let’s move on to the main thing — promoting posts on Facebook.

Post good content regularly

This is easier said than done, but if useful and interesting posts appear on your page regularly (at least 2-3 times a week), people will subscribe to you themselves, even without paid promotion.

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Content can be selling or informational. In SMM and Facebook promotion, the 70 rule has been in effect for many years.